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We are a fellowship of believers who love the Lord Jesus as our personal Savior.

Our Mission: Living Lives that Glorify God's Name while making Disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Thank you for logging on!  Here is our current Sunday schedule:  Worship Service 8:30 am - 9:15 am / Adult Bible Class 9:30 am to 10:10 am.  Service protocols are posted below.  Small groups and church meetings are beginning to resume.  Sunday messages will be posted most Sundays by 6 pm.  Click the Media tab for links to sermons and updated clips.  

Recent updates:

ZOOM Room Fellowship & Sunday School:  The Church family is invited to participate, when Sat. sessions are scheduled, in our ZMRF gatherings.  These will normally be set for 10:00 am and announced via email.  Invites for our Adult Bible Class will also go out for those in quarantine or unable to join us on Sundays.  

GIVING:  A grateful word of thanks is expressed to everyone who has faithfully contributed to LBC!  Our budget is being met through these difficult days.  To God be the Glory!  Offerings may be mailed to: 

Leffingwell Baptist Church
PO Box 250
Bozrah, CT 06334

ASSISTANCE:  To assist those who become sick, house bound, or needing medication/food, check out our Facebook group LBCCARES, or our LBC Facebook page.  Both links appear below.  Use these sites to stay connected, exchange information, and to encourage one another.  

God Bless,

Pastor Gary & Deacons


​                                  LBC PHASE I REOPENING – JUNE 7th 

1. EARLY SERVICE:  8:30 – 9:15 am.  Shorter service will benefit those who choose to wear a mask the entire time.  Second service may be added during Phase II.  

2. ADULT BIBLE class will follow early service at 9:30 am, following a 15 minute break.  It will be held in the SANCTUARY, until we add our second service.   

3. Avoid HUGS & HANDSHAKES, replacing them instead with friendly waves & smiles. 

4. Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING while entering, exiting, and sitting in sanctuary or balcony.  

5. MASKS are recommended but not required.  Please bring your own if possible, along with your BIBLE, since pew Bibles will not be available during (Phase I).    

6. CHILD CARE will not be provided since it’s impossible to social distance with children.  Please keep children with you during church or the Adult Bible class. 

7. CLEANING/DISINFECTING will be performed before services (Phase I), and during in (Phase II). 

8. HAND SANITIZER and extra masks will be provided as they’re available. 

9. SERMONS will still be recorded and posted on YouTube if you choose to stay home. ADULT BIBLE class will be repeated at 11:00 am, via ZOOM, for those at home. 

10. SICK, HIGH RISK, OR JUST FEELING CAUTIOUS?  Please stay home with no judgment from us. 

11. Use the WHEEL CHAIR ramp door and MAIN DOORS for entering AND exiting the sanctuary.  SIDE PARKING LOT door should be used for exiting only.    

12. No FOOD or refreshments will be served during Phase I, including doughnuts.    

Sunday Family Worship 8:30  & 11:00 AM

Sunday School  9:50 AM
388 Salem Turnpike Bozrah, CT 06334